Sushi w. bulgur


Since I stopped eating meat 3 1/2 years ago, sushi has been one of my go to foods, I know, weird, because normally sushi is one of the foods people find really hard to master.

But really, it’s not that hard. You could first of all just buy a rice cooker that will make the whole difficult part with the rice, way easier for you.
And second, just get a bit of patience, when you have to wait for the rice to cool.
Third of all, DON’T read all the recipes for sushi rice, because that will definitely make you confused, trust me, I’ve been there. Sushi on a high level is difficult yes, but leave that level to the sushi chefs. When you’re in the kitchen, make it as easy as it should be for you!

So I’m here to guide you through how to make easy sushi – and then without the sushi rice, but with bulgur – whaaat? I know, now you’re panicking even more, haha!

But don’t worry; we’ll get through this!

Sushi rice is really expensive – and if you don’t know the trick, then listen: DON’T buy sushi rice, buy short grain rice (dansk: grødris), way cheaper, same result. Or try with something else, in this case: Bulgur.

Makes 4 rolls, around 24-28 pieces (depends on how thick/thin you cut them)

4 nori sheets
3 dL bulgur + 6 dL water
5 kale leaves
1 tbsp chopped/grated ginger
7 mushrooms
1 tbsp miso paste + 2 dL water
1/2 block of tofu
1 avocado
Sriracha mayo (as much as you please)

3 tbsp rice vinegar
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt

Sesame seeds
1 spring onion

Start out with making the bulgur in a saucepan. I will recommend you to follow the instructions on the package for the boiling time. Or else, if you buy your bulgur in bulk, just check on it occasionally. If bulk: put the bulgur and water in a saucepan and check on it often and stir around in it, start the first 5 min. on high heat, and after that keep it on medium heat (around 15 min.).

While your bulgur is doing its thing in the saucepan, mix together the rice vinegar, sugar and salt in a cup until the salt and sugar is dissolved. When the bulgur is done, pour over the mixture, then set the bulgur a side to cool in a tray with a cloth over it. I normally put mine in the fridge.

Remember! You can use whatever filling you want to in your sushi – the following is just the things I had in my kitchen, so I used them. You can always use whatever you feel like (just not fish, they belong in the ocean ).

Take the kale, wash it, take the leafy part of the stalk and then cut the leafy part into thick pieces(or thin if you prefer that). Then cut your ginger into small pieces, or grate it, if you prefer it that way. Then fry it on low heat in a pan for 10 min. When it’s done, put it on a plate. 

Then take the mushrooms, wash them, and cut them into slices. Transfer them to a pan with 2 dL water and 1 tbsp of miso paste, let them boil for 15-20 min. (stir around a couple of times) until they’ve soaked in all the water, and then stir around for 5 min. on low heat. When their done, transfer them to the plate with the kale (yes, you guessed it, you’ll be putting all your filling on this plate, haha)

The last thing you’ll need to prepare is your tofu. Cut it into long thin pieces and fry the pieces on a pan with some olive oil and whatever you prefer to fry it in. I normally use soy sauce or kelp powder (seaweed spice: When it’s nice, crispy and golden (around 10 min. on high heat) then – you guessed it, put it on tha’ plate!

And now it’s rolling time! Have all your fillings ready (remember the sriracha mayo and avocado), and then begin to fill the nori sheet with your fillings. I will recommend you to find a video on youtube on how to roll your sushi. Me trying to explain it here will not make any sense, haha! Or else go to my instagram: check my story highlights; there I show kind of how I do it. Because it can be done without a fancy bamboo mat and plastic wrapped around the mat!

When you’re done rolling, cut your sushi roll into pieces, and top them with sesame seeds and spring onion, and then enjoyyyy!


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